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In “Likewise Ladies,” I have bypassed abstraction to create an autobiographical connection. Images of women’s dresses are fabricated out of decorative wrapping paper, tissue paper, and scraps of “found” paper. The collages hang on unstretched canvas, easily transported, ready to be rolled and unrolled. Because the dresses lack heads and faces, they remain anonymous, yet linked to a lush and sometimes-ominous imaginary landscapes composed of the artist’s torn prints and drawings. In these pieces, I have overlapped layers of landscape drawings or torn prints to embed the truncated figures in a field of landscape and flowers. The choice of subject matter is not a retreat into literalism but an advance into a new synthesis, incorporating elements of the artist’s experience in each image as a personal commentary.
Likewise Ladies 3
Likewise Ladies 9
Likewise Ladies 7
Likewise Ladies 2
Likewise Ladies 5
Likewise Ladies 1
Likewise Ladies 4
Likewise Ladies 6
Likewise Ladies 8
Likewise Ladies 10
Likewise Ladies Series
Collaged paper and Acrylic Paint on Unstretched Canvas
Likewise Ladies 11
Likewise Ladies 12
My studio is located in New York City
Phone: (646) 734-3173
Email: nmillerc8@gmail.com

Please feel free to call or email me to discuss my work.