Acrylic Paint on  Canvas
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The Interiors paintings were created in the summer of 2010 at my studio in Long Island City. One of my studio mates had a magnificent begonia plant with lush burgund leaves and shooting branches of tiny pink flowers. He also provided me with a view of a classic French peasant's chair that reminded me of Van Gogh's rustic, rattan-seated chair. So I painted my way into the studio that summer, and painted out the Van Gogh that I had been steeped in from teaching my students how to paint expressionistic craypas pictures.
Studio Chair Large 1
30" X 28"
Studio Chair in front of Pot
24" X 18"
Pot on Studio Chair
24" X 18'
Pot next to Studio Chair 2
18" X 24"
Studio Chair with Orange
24" X 18"
Pots with Fish
14" X 36"
My studio is located in New York City
Phone: (646) 734-3173

Please feel free to call or email me to discuss my work.